( a ( v e r s i o n ) s )

assorted samples, clips, pinches, and rips from 10 sound artists

This collection of sounds started from a series of conversations with cross-generational contemporaries and mentors - specifically around the art of sampling and how each contributing artist uniquely approaches sampling in their practice. Artists were commissioned to make works that incorporate an existing recording that was meaningful to them in some way, in order to create a dialogue between their practices and around the very culture of sampling itself. The resulting compositions range from more intimate autobiographical references to over-arching archival systems exposing the politics of listening. Here, defamiliarized appropriations of past sound events become universal and future in their scope.

For more information on the project and artists download the project notes here [1MB pdf]

  ( ( D O W N L O A D ) )  
full tracks + pdf [88MB]


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Feriano - Rough Americana
[5:17 , 12.1MB]

Asking to be possessed - Rayya Badran
[3:49 , 8.7MB]

Bag of Cassettes Vol. 1 - Basel Abbas
[1:22 , 3.1MB]

Beirut Corniche Encounters - SC MoCha
[4:19 , 9.9MB]

Effects Pedals in the Trial of Saddam Hussein - Lawrence Abu Hamdan
[1:17 , 3.1MB]

Pourqoui - Mohamed Abdelkarim
[6:18 , 14.4MB]

FRE SPEECH 6.0 - Lawrence Abu Hamdan
[2:30 , 6MB]

Tanaffus Istina'i - Boikutt
[4:45 , 10.8MB]

Halim El Dabh's 3arooba re-edit - Joe Namy
[6:28 , 14.8MB]

Lullaby for Traffic - Cynthia Zaven
[3:58 , 9.1MB]

Animal Rights aka MGM's Lion: The first sonic theft - Lawrence Abu Hamdan
[0:09 , 390KB]

Produced by Electric Kahraba
Mastered by Jana Saleh, Beirut / July 2012

For questions/comments: f_s(at)a-versions.com
All works made available w/artist's permission.
Creative Commons License

Produced with the support of:

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